4D Daffodil 


Daffodil was constructed using a combination of materials; Sterling Silver, crushed crystals - including Amber and Citrine, Daffodil oil and Dalbergia Melanoxylon wood.

The aim was to create a stimulating silver piece using a combination of traditional and contemporary skills. The inspiration behind Daffodil was the National flower of Wales - Cenhinen Pedr (Daffodil) and Rebecca's task to encompass as many of the perennial plants original characteristics into the piece: considering appearance, colour, texture and scent.

Daffodil much like the original flower consists of six petals, a trumpet shaped corona and a stem. The crystals Rebecca chose to use were selected  in relation to the colour scheme of the flower – predominantly yellow and orange hues. Texture was created by hammering and raising the metal as well as using a steel brush on the surface pre-polish, the petals were crafted in such a way that the outer corona crystals (yellow hues) reflect onto the polished surface. Scent has been added to the wooden base through saturation and inside the pieces corona – releasing an enchanting daffodil aroma.