4D Lavender


‘Lavender’ was constructed using reclaimed wood,  silver and crystals. Lavender was the 1st 4 dimensional botanical piece Rebecca created. This original idea stemmed from a challenge to incorporate as many of the plants characteristics into the work, considering; colour, fragility, movement and scent.

Lavender stems were constructed with silver wire, varying in width and length, which would combine kinetic movement with the durability of the material demonstrating the aesthetics of this naturally delicate flower.
Fashioned and hardened silver wire forms the stems of Lavender resulting in the flowers to stand tall and sway gently in a breeze. Whilst the stems appear delicate they have the hardness to withstand the years seasons and support the embellishments on top.
To represent the colours of the flower Rebecca used several purple hued crystals including amethyst and added fools gold to the clusters for depth.
The wooden base was then saturated and the crystal embellishments dipped in lavender oil to add a sensory element to the piece.
The premise is that this piece would look, smell and act as a natural lavender flower would once the wooden base planted into the soil of the community garden.