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Jewellery, Silverware & Objects

Explore the variety of pieces Rebecca has made including intricate items of jewellery, beautiful silverware and creative public art commissions.


Commission Rebecca to make a beautiful, bespoke item of jewellery or silverware. Pieces can be made with new material or from recycling your unworn jewellery / heirlooms. Each piece will be made in Rebecca's workshop, in Cardiff and will be hallmarked at the London Assay Office.


Contemporary silverware for the home, created using traditional silversmithing techniques dating back thousands of years

Cream fabric.jpg

Jewellery Box

Rebecca's concept for this award winning piece was to create a beautifully designed silver object which would blur the boundaries between a jewellery piece and a silversmithing object.
The box design is chased & was inspired by the close examination of organic matter.
One of the main focal points for Rebecca in designing this unique object was to ensure that once the outer lid & earrings are removed (to be worn) the wearer still obtains a functional box to display.

Follow the slide show to see how this artefact works.


Beautiful jewellery created in precious materials

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