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Jewellery Care

The customer is responsible for the care of their jewellery and below are some helpful tips for caring for your jewellery at home;

  • Silver is a metal that naturally tarnishes and exposure to beauty products such as perfumes, certain cleaning products and chlorine from swimming pools can accelerate that process.

  • Remove jewellery before engaging in practical/physical activities such as swimming, climbing or the gym. This will ensure your jewellery does not get accidentally damaged.

  • Beauty products can react with metal causing tarnish or discoloration. Put your jewellery on last as perfume will cause tarnish and creams can become trapped underneath stones. 

  • Let your jewellery sleep when you do. Take it off and place in its original box to keep it safe.



Most jewellery is suitable for cleaning with a toothbrush, Fairy Liquid and warm water however; 

  • If using an ultrasonic cleaner please avoid putting jewellery with gemstones in - especially; turquoise, lapis lazuli, pearls and opals as they can be damaged in an ultrasonic cleaner. For jewellery with stones it is best to only clean using warm soapy water and a toothbrush.         

  • Avoid using polishing cloths with satin or matt finishes as this will polish the surface removing the effect.

  • If you have purchased an item which has been oxidized (treated black) avoid using silver dip to clean as this will remove the desired effect.

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