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The Blobby Collection

Rebecca oldfield rhodolite sparkle blobb

The Inspiration

Step into the realm of Blobby, a meticulously handcrafted signature collection inspired by ancient coins and treasures discovered in museums. Each handmade piece, available in both gold and silver, pays homage to the evolution of precious metals, capturing the historical charm of mis-stamped, irregularly shaped ancient coins.


In keeping with the essence of craftsmanship and individuality, every Blobby is uniquely crafted – no casting, no duplicates. This intentional variation harks back to the hand-stamped coinage from centuries ago, where each piece told a distinct story.


The Blobby Collection, featuring a variety of finishes including my signature sparkle effect inspired by the Shabaku stone, offers more than just accessories. From pendants and earrings to bracelets and a selection of blobby-inspired signet rings, each piece is a canvas for personalization with gemstones and diamonds.


Embrace the in-between with Blobbies, where the journey from ancient hoards to flawlessly minted treasures is not just reflected but celebrated. Reach out for a unique expression of your style, as each Blobby becomes a testament to the timeless allure of the past, intricately crafted by hand to tell its own story.


The Process

Let’s Work Together

The Blobby collection is now available at The Makers Guild in Wales Gallery, Cardiff Bay. Pieces are also available ready to ship from our online store, for a truly personalised touch, feel free to reach out through the contact form to customise your own Blobby. Whether it is a different material, chain, gemstone, engraving or a unique combination of colours, I would be delighted to bring your bespoke Blobby design to life! 

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