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Any of your local high street jewellers will be able measure your finger size for you. Ring sizes in the UK are measured alphabetically and if possible be sure the ring sizers you try on are the same width as the ring you intend to order.

A good fit is one that goes on without a struggle but needs a wiggle to come off. Our hands can swell when they’re hot, so try to get measured when you’re relaxed and at a normal temperature.

Rebecca offers this service free of charge from her workshop in North Cardiff. You can also purchase a plastic ring sizer for you to measure at home here.

Things To Consider;

  • Rings should slide on easily over the knuckle and be comfortable on - not tight. They should be a little harder to push off over the knuckle.  Your ring should be a snug fit and shouldn't slide off by itself. 

  • Thinner bands are likely to feel larger on than thicker bands - bare this is mind when sizing your finger as the sizer you use may not be accurate to the style you are purchasing. Generally, this will alter up to a 1/4 size.

  • Your fingers will change size slightly throughout the day, with the temperature and physical activity having an effect.

  • If your hands are cold, your fingers can be up to half a size smaller with an opposite effect on a particularly hot day.

  • Any ring with a wide band width will require to be slightly larger than your normal size (up to one or two sizes) so keep this in mind when choosing your ring.  This includes stacking rings!

All rings made by Rebecca are made to UK ring sizes, using the system also known as 'Wheatsheaf'.  Rings are measured alphabetically from A (the smallest) to Z+6. Half sizes are also available to help you find the ideal fit.  Rings are measured using the leading edge, that means the first part of the ring to hit the Wheatsheaf ring stick. When getting your ring size measurement from a jeweller or store please ask for the leading-edge measurement.


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Rebecca's necklaces generally measure 18" however Rebecca allows her customers a choice in chain length as everyone has their own preference.

To measure for necklace size take a measuring tape or piece of string (or ribbon) and wrap it around the base of your neck, and then mark the spot where it meets. Depending on what you are buying and what length you prefer, try to make it comfortable, imagining how the real jewellery will fit. If you have used a string or ribbon to measure then lay it against a ruler or measuring tape to determine your neck size.

Most chains are available in three sizes 16", 18" and 20".

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