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2023 Review

Let's say hello to 2024 by taking a look at 2023!

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has promoted my small business in some way whether that was a social media share, passing on my details, an online review, purchasing from my web shop, through galleries or commissioning a bespoke piece, it means a great deal to me and I love you all for it! It means I can continue to do what I enjoy for another year!

To begin 2024 I thought I would attempt blogging! I get such positive responses from my newsletters and I like the relaxed personal approach much more than I like social media posting, So lets give it a whirl! For my 1st post I am sharing with you my 2023 review newsletter (I may in due course back track through the past 3 years and create blogs for specific moments in time too)

So lets kick it off! - Here is a short video showing you some of my works in 2023 and also a snippet of Bonny our 3 year old Spaniel we rescued in March - because running your own business isn't stressful enough! Bonny is an absolute dream (80% of the time) however she is still not comfortable and reactive with visitors at the workshop. So going into 2024 I have to be a bit stricter with workshop visits which will save Bonny stress and you a headache - so please make sure you book an appointment in advance, I will do my very best to make sure she is at doggy day care or at the office for these meetings - but on the off chance she has to be with me please be patient, I will give you treats to bribe her with and I apologise in advance .

Taking a look at the most popular web shop products from 2023 ... The signature sparkle effect design and Blobbies are still proving a popular choice combined with the additional extras especially the scented candles and delicious chocolates. However a new contender being the addition of gold vermeil has been increasingly popular.

(Psst...valentines day isn't too far away)

Next we have some of my favourite commissions. I have had the honour of making engagement rings, wedding rings and remodelling from precious heirloom jewellery!


Drop me an email if you have a project you would like to discuss with me and don't forget I also offer

repair services such as ring resizing, rhodium plating and soldering.

In July 2023 myself and 7 other silversmiths was selected to partake

in the John Cussell memorial fund run by master silversmith Tony Bedford, the brief was loose - design and make a teapot. The ethos behind this fund is to train the next generation of teachers to ensure at risk skills such as traditional silversmithing are passed on.

A teapot was decided as the object for training as there is a vast variety of techniques and processes that go into making this one functional object.

A common saying in industry "you can't call yourself a silversmith until you have made a teapot" I understand why now! It was incredibly challenging with plenty of processes involved but I enjoyed every minute of it!

silversmiths, training, john cussell, memorial silver, teapot, training, course, yorkshire arts space
John Cussell Memorial Fund Project 2023

Myself and fellow silversmiths with our pieces after 5 days in Sheffield and Some process images of my constructed teapot

Some of you will already know but for those who don't I set up my workshop during Lockdown 2021 - It had been used for a carpentry workshop for over 80 years and I am the first woman EVER to be working inside there! I created a little book which I keep at the workshop as a reminder to the Coach House's history and to flick back through to see how much it has progressed already (there is still some works to undertake but we are getting there) I have converted the book into a little video for you to see...

During the first year at the workshop friend and woodturner Clio Anastasiou moved in with me. We have kept each other company, motivated one another and watched our businesses grow. Sadly in October 2023 Clio made the decision to relocate to England meaning she was leaving the workshop.

I often spoke about how eager I was to combine wood and silver somehow, Clio also appeared up for the challenge however time kept escaping us - with notice of her leaving we buckled down and were able to create a series of wood and silver boxes to commemorate the workshops heritage, our time together and combine our skills. I really enjoyed the collaboration with both learning more about each others materials and to finally get making with wood and silver.

sterling silver, silver and wood, wooden boxes, decorative, functional, bespoke, handcrafted, collaboration
Rebecca Oldfield Sterling Silver and Wooden Boxes

Using 3 different types of wood (Walnut, Spalted Beech and Olive) combined with sterling silver lids, hallmarked at Birmingham Assay Office, which using the technique of chasing I have mirrored the natural wood grain pattern of each box over the silver lids. 2 of these boxes have now sold - don't worry we are working together to produce some more!

I was invited to show my teapot and new works alongside Rauni Higson for her solo show - Illuminating Silver Exhibition which was held 9th September - 29th October at The Makers Guild Wales.

It was a stressful but rewarding experience! The last minute panic of finishing work for exhibition whilst setting up the show with the opening event getting even closer! However once the opening day arrived, the presentations over and a few glasses of prosecco in we could finally breathe and enjoy the moment. Thankyou all who came and showed support!

27th November 2023 my silverware took a trip to London for Bishopsland Educational Trust's Exhibition at Cutlers Hall. I was unable to attend due to a friends fabulous wedding in Stockholm but was sent over some lovely photographs of my work.

To end 2023 The Makers Guild in Wales secured funding for a 3rd year to host a pop up shop - this time in High Street Arcade, Cardiff. It was another successful year - Thank you to those who visited, said hello and purchased from us! (also a thank you to Barker Tea House for supplying me with caffeine and looking after us!)

gallery, cardiff, shopping, crafts, art, cardiff city centre, makers guild wales, high street arcade
Makers Guild in Wales Pop Up Shop 2023 - High Street Arcade Cardiff

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my 2023 recap and are as excited as me to see what 2024 brings - psst there's already some exciting plans in the pipeline.


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